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Where Your Money Goes

In 2000, I moved to an area that unbeknownst to me, was a popular area for cats and dogs to be dumped and abandoned.  Before long, I found myself with several dogs and no shortage of others who found themselves sitting on the road, waiting for an owner to return for them that had no intention of ever coming back. 

While extremely difficult, I re-homed most of the dogs I took in, hoping I was making the right decision and that they were going to good homes.  Every time I'd send one of the dogs off with a new owner, I'd tell the owner that if they ever decided they couldn't keep or no longer wanted the dog, I would take them back.  No one ever took me up on my offer.      

In 2009, I saw a need for an affordable and unique care package company that had a customizable option and didn't just sell overpriced snacks and candy in a fancy wrapping.  Gift Boxes By Mail was born to fill that need and also help me continue to save all the animals I was running across that didn't deserve the hand that fate had dealt them.      

In 2013 after taking in a boxer that was in the worst shape of any rescue I'd ever taken in, I gave him to someone who I thought would give him a good home.  She soon stopped returning my periodic check-in calls and texts, leaving me frustrated and sad.  I decided that that re-homing would be my last.  My heart could no longer take the sadness, regret, or guilt of constantly wondering if I'd made the right decision.     

Today I have nine cats and dogs that I've taken in.  Your purchase helps me afford to spay/neuter, feed, and spoil each and every one of them as well as take in any new animals that are dumped or abandoned nearby. 


Please help spread the word about us and our mission of helping dumped and abandoned cats and dogs to anyone you know that might be in the market for a care package and/or is an animal lover.  It's a win-win for everyone!

For the animals,