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How to choose a care package that fits

Posted on August 14 2018

It used to be that choosing a care package was like choosing a candy bar as a kid.  Remember those days?  The days when there were about 10 or so options for candy bars.  You had your basics and that was it.

Nowadays, like everything else it seems, things have gotten more complicated.  Some could argue they've gotten completely out of control crazy.  Do we really need 50 varieties of candy bars nowadays?  As the saying goes, bigger isn't always better.

The same can be said for care packages.  When I was in college, I wouldn't have cared if all I got was bags of peanuts in my care package.  Just having something in my sad little empty mailbox would have been nice.  Food items would have definitely been welcome since even though food was cheaper back then, it doesn't matter how cheap it is when you're broke.

I always felt like being broke in college prepared you for your chosen career not working out and you had to continue living on next to nothing.  Knowing exactly how much a couple of fast food items would cost you, down to the penny, was a way of life.  But so were empty mailboxes. 

Today, care packages are mainstream and come with so many different options and price tags, choosing one has never been harder.  Depending on your budget, your recipient's tastes, and how much time you want to spend sifting through the countless options, you can find, and send, just about anything.

Want to send a care package with high-end chocolates and cookies?  There's a care package site for that.  Want to send customized items?  There's a care package company doing that too.  If you have the budget for those types of care packages, I'm sure they are lovely.

But what if you just want a simple, fun, and affordable care package that hasn't gotten all caught up in the commercialization of just letting someone know you are thinking about them?  There's a care package site for that too.  It's  

With practical things like a regular Snickers bar we all grew up with and cozy socks that feel like kittens on your feet, there's none of that overpriced packaging that nobody really wants or keeps.  It's just your basics that in a world where everything is getting so over the top, it's a comfort to just open your box of simple goodies and enjoy.

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